Thank you for your donation!

Thank you so much for your donation! It really helps us continue running our website free for everyone in the future and also to start new project for data protection in Europe. You can read about what exactly will happen with your donation in our yearly reports.

If you would like to regularly support us or you just want to be more involved, you can also become a member.

Where is my donation receipt?

We will of course happily issue a receipt for your donation. Please note however that we are only accredited as a charitable organization by the German tax authorities. Please check your local tax code to see how and if you can deduct your donation to us in your tax returns.

If you donated less than 200 €, the German tax offices will also accept a simplified donation receipt in combination with your payment receipt (bank statement, credit card invoice, …) for your tax deduction.

For larger donations, you will need a donation receipt in the official form. You can get one of these from us of course, but we do need your address for that. Please send us an email at (you can encrypt it with this key) with your address and donation ID or the reference of your bank transfer.

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